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NOSE SLAP is not a drug product and is not intended for use in the diagnosis,
cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease or to affect the structure or
any function of the body.

NOSE SLAP is a scented, aroma product that uses peppermint vapors to deliver
an intense, refreshing blast of fragrance that instantly invigorates your senses
and helps promote feelings of alertness and focus.

The uniqueness of NOSE SLAP is the peppermint aroma carried in vapors that
also include ammonia, which can irritate the nose and eyes. The FDA has recently
warned consumers about adverse events reported after using NOSE SLAP and
we are working with the FDA to address the concerns raised.

Do not use NOSE SLAP if you are allergic or sensitive to ammonia or peppermint
or if you have any medical condition. Stop using NOSE SLAP if you experience
any adverse effects.

NOSE SLAP is not intended for use as an ammonia inhalant. Do not inhale NOSE
SLAP vapors. Simply waft or puff the aroma-filled vapors to your nose without

NOSE SLAP does not contain caffeine and is not a stimulant, reflex stimulant, or
energy product.

Use NOSE SLAP only as directed.